Review: Lifeproof iPhone case

Review: Lifeproof iPhone case

Lifeproof case for iPhone 4/4S

Lifeproof iphone caseThe good: The Lifeproof case claims to be snow, dirt, water, and shock proof (patents pending). While I didn't test the first two claims, it definitely stood up to the latter two, surviving multiple drops and a dousing in a bucket.

The housing feels sturdy to the touch and fits snugly around your phone. Even while covered, the home and power buttons worked amazingly well. The plastic screen protector was an extra layer that was an annoyance to begin with, but I quickly got used to the feel of it and the slightly stronger pressure needed to get through.

The bad: Plugging your phone in to charge is awkward, requiring a bit of careful maneuvering and fiddling with the foldout flap. That's unavoidable, though and comes with the territory of a watertight, semi-indestructible casing. Also on that note, even turned up to full volume, sound seemed pretty quiet with the case on.

Overall: Active or just clumsy/accident-prone types should find the Lifeproof case offers more than sufficient protection for the odd pocket plunge or toilet drop, and all manner of outdoor pursuits.

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