Brilliant Bieber parody prevails at Scifest 2012

Brilliant Bieber parody prevails at Scifest 2012

Some educational, musical entertainment for a Monday morning.

Watch this and keep a straight face. Go on.

That's James Mustapic, winner of the grand prize in the 2012 Scifest ‘science idol’ competition with his song Covalent Love.

(According to Wikipedia, purveyor of all knowledge, a "covalent bond is a form of chemical bonding that is characterised by the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms".)

A student from Dunedin’s John McGlashan College, he set out to write a parody of Justin Bieber's single Boyfriend.

“I knew a Justin Bieber parody would be great. I wanted a popular song that was new; the song is about a boy wanting a girl and the atoms fitted into that well.”

Judge, US scientist Tom McFadden – who Scifest has dubbed a 'science rapper' – said: “What makes his song so cool is that it takes a traditional formula of a pop song and maintains that magic while exploring a critical chemical concept with depth, accuracy and pizzazz. We’ve checked his submission for scientific accuracy and the final audio will be an expanded version of his original submission."

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