LumaHelm keeps cyclists in your line of sight

Cycling can be a risky undertaking, as the recent spate of news stories about bikers injured in brushes with motorists indicates. Dutch designer Wouter Walmink realised this after moving to Melbourne a year ago, and set out to improve on the humble bicycle helmet.

The result, The Age reports, is the LumaHelm, equipped with multicoloured LED lights that flash not unlike a disco ball when the wearer tilts his/her head left or right to indicate turning, or brakes.

It's based on a standard helmet fitted with a sensor that detects head movement and lights powered by AA batteries.

''One of the things we wanted to do was make a helmet that was more exciting to look at,'' Walmink told The Age.

And more importantly, it's a clearer way to signal other road users.

''Sticking out your hand on a bike is not the clearest way to communicate that you're turning. The indicator and braking functions communicate information that makes the situation safer.''

Beyond that, applications could extend to any other activity requiring a helmet, such as improved communication on construction sites.