Igloo launch date pushed back

The launch date for new prepay television service Igloo has been delayed for up to a month.

The launch date for new prepay television service Igloo has been delayed for up to a month.

Igloo launch delayedInstead of launching this week as planned, Igloo – which got the green light from the Commerce Commission in May – is now likely to go live in July.

Chaz Savage, Igloo general manager, said the delay was due to the company’s desire to make sure the product is ready.

“This is about ensuring we give our customers the best product experience possible. We are determined to launch a product that consumers love,” said Savage.

“We therefore will not be rushing Igloo out until we are completely confident that it’s ready.”

Savage told Fairfax that despite the delay, 25 consumers would still be trialling Igloo from today.

Igloo, a joint partnership between Sky and TVNZ, will offer customers a 30-day channel pack that includes 11 pay television channels ranging from BBC World to the Food Television channel.

Igloo also offers its customers the opportunity to access sporting events via pay-per-view channel Front Row, as well as the ability to stream films and television using the internet.

Igloo’s required set-top box will cost $199, and includes the 30-day channel pack. The set-top boxes will need to be connected to broadband to buy movies and television, but not for the regular free-to-air and pay-TV channels.

Additional channel packs will cost $24.99, with movies priced between $4.99-$6.99. Television episodes will cost $1.99 each.

Sky has forecast that that Igloo could potentially rack up 50,000 subscribers within a year.

At the Igloo launch last year, Savage said the product was aimed at “Mum and Dad” TV watchers.

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