App of the week: Monster Flip

Yet another trio-matching game – but this one is flippin’ cute!

If you’ve been feeling clucky lately or have a case of empty-nest syndrome, then these giggling monsters will make you feel like you’re surrounded by happy two-year-olds.

Launching Pad Games in Wellington has teamed up with PikPok to release Monster Flip – a match made in heaven between this game developer and publisher.

It has to be said that by now there’s considerable fatigue when it comes to gem-swapping match games (I could have paid off my student loan already if I’d been paid to play Bejeweled). This one keeps it interesting by bringing flipping into the mix, challenging your spatial awareness skills as well as your eye for like objects.

There’s the usual classic and timed modes, and a sequence mode that challenges you to discover the perfect game within 50 turns. A slightly different (and very addictive) approach is the puzzle mode - which combines the delights of Sudoku and Angry Birds in one, by providing you with 60 different layouts to solve.

What really excited me about this app though was the adorable art and soundtrack. Wellington musician Jeremiah Ross (aka Module) of Fly My Pretties fame produced the soundtrack – a lullaby-like tune that when plugged into a bedroom stereo, could send even the most restless of insomniacs off to sleep. Add the giggling monster sound effects on top and I was chuckling out loud uncontrollably, poking the monsters with delight and with very little regard for my score.

Maybe Launching Pad could have saved themselves the trouble of designing the game elements of this app and instead made a simple push button laughter-therapy app? I’d love to see more of these monsters, that’s for sure.

Monster Flip is available for $1.29 on the App Store.

Elise Sterback is from co-working and innovation space The BizDojo