App of the week: Donate Your Desktop

App of the week: Donate Your Desktop

Elise Sterback gives Donate Your Desktop – blazing the way for social ‘appreneurism’ – a whirl.

Donate Your DesktopIdealog’s own Josh Martin recently spoke to the founders of wallpaper app Donate Your Desktop - I thought I would offer a user’s perspective one month on from the launch of this kindly app.

After a breezy download and install, the first graphic appeared on my desktop and I was suitably impressed. Each ad is carefully designed, and is often from interesting local businesses that I was only too happy to be reminded of or introduced to.

Each day I got a small and unintrusive notification that a new desktop had appeared, serving up a bonus feel good factor. Most days it’s the only time I become aware I’ve allowed more advertising into my life, since my desktop is buried under windows about 10 layers deep (not unlike my bedroom floor).

Some may scoff at the mere $13 annually that DYD contributes per user to their selected charity, but what is potentially more powerful is the standard this sets for social ‘appreneurism’.

In one swoop, DYD has made everyone happy – users get fresh, designer wallpapers, advertisers have yet another (and even more personal) outlet, charities have a new and uncontested income stream, and DYD has (what appears to be) a sustainable model for growing its business.

The proof is in the pudding – with more than 1000 users already signed up, DYD is well on its way towards its goal of 100,000 Kiwi users. If iPad and iPhone desktop formats were added this would no doubt increase users exponentially.

At our office Oxfam Coffee Break next week we won’t just be asking co-workers to put a gold nugget in the box, but to choose Oxfam as their charity and get donating, desktop-style.

Donate Your Desktop is free to download from

Elise Sterback is from co-working and innovation space The BizDojo

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