Quake app's success shocks creators

Quake app's success shocks creators

An app that tracks aftershocks in Canterbury has taken off with users, surprising even its developers.

More than 10,000 Cantabrians have access to up-to-the-minute earthquake aftershock information, thanks to the iPhone app Canterbury Quakes.

Stephen Baker, a software developer at Digital Fusion, was motivated to build the app because he was getting frustrated at how long it took to get critical information after each seismic event in the region.

“I wanted to know where it was, how far away and how big,” he says.

The application, which became available in June 2011, gathers its data directly from GeoNet and generates information to its users within seconds from when they register on that site.

The horrific events in the region over the last 18 months provided an opportunity to combine his passion for technology and skills as a developer to create something simple yet helpful.

Matthew Rhodes, also of Digital Fusion, believes the uptake of the app by over 10,000 users is phenomenal for a product with such a regional focus.

“We all proudly share in Steve's success with Canterbury Quakes - with that many downloads we often meet others that have it and use it regularly,” says Rhodes.

“It's the fastest, easiest way to get comprehensive information about the large number of after-shocks experienced in Canterbury.”

In a city where residents live in fear of the next big one, it’s not hard to understand its success.

Canterbury Quakes is available for free from the Apple store for use on iPhone and iPad at this stage.

Digital Fusion develops web and FileMaker software, primarily for SMEs.

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