Christchurch rebuild projects dished out InternetNZ funds

More than $370,000 of grants were given to Christchurch projects by InternetNZ in its latest Christchurch funding tound.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Vikram Kumar says “Our members wanted InternetNZ to dip into its reserves and support the rebuild of Christchurch. We committed support of half a million dollars and today marks the day when we make good on our promise," says chief executive Vikram Kumar.

“In addition to the $372,000 announced today, we have previously funded $65,000 and have earmarked the balance of $63,000 for further free community wireless Internet projects.”

The following projects are being funded:

Videoconferencing Service for Christchurch Schools – GCSN

This project will extend the GCSN’s Christchurch schools videoconferencing service for a further year, helping those with damaged communications infrastructure and students who have been physically dislocated.

Schools, teachers and students in Christchurch will continue to be affected by the impact of the events of 2011 for the next two to three years and probably well beyond, says the GCSN’s Mike Hilliard.

“In a number of cases, school sites, while temporarily re-opened, are in a state of limbo, with students housed in portable classrooms. Public transportation is also still limited. The videoconferencing service for Christchurch schools is a tool which can be used to help mitigate a number of these issues.”

Wi-Fi Village – Lyttelton Information Centre & Sydenham Business Association

Working closely with TradeMe, this project will see free public wi-fi installed along the main streets of Lyttelton and Sydenham.

Mobile Stepping Up Digital Learning Centre – Computers in Homes

This project will provide digital literacy training to families in some of the worst affected earthquake areas in Christchurch. A bus will be converted into a digital learning centre, similar to a mobile library.

Digital Archiving initiatives – coordinated by UC CEISMIC

This project will see five digital archiving initiatives funded, with data to be fed back into the UC CEISMIC federated archive of earthquake-related digital content Contributing organisations are the Canterbury Museum, HitLab NZ, Lincoln University Department of Applied Computing, the Historic Places Trust and UC Ceismic.

Canterbury Museum will use its funding to set up an Earthquake Collections Online project. HitLab NZ will use its funding to enhance its CityViewAR smart-phone application, taking account of post-quake streetscapes. Lincoln University will use its funding to build pre and post-quake ‘solar exposure’ maps of Christchurch. The Historic Places Trust will use its funding to develop an online archive of geo-located images and audio relating to Christchurch’s High Street precinct. UC CEISMIC will use its funding to enhance its federated archive and QuakeStudies digital archive.

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