App of the week: Air Pipes

App of the week: Air Pipes

Air PipesWelcome to our new regular feature with BizDojo! This week: the Air Pipes app, by Elucidcode.

Pipe up!

Air PipesIf you’re like me, you’ve already got a few irresistibly irritating sound apps on your phone. Now there’s a new one to add to the cacophony. Air Pipes lets you unleash the sound of history’s most annoying instrument - the bagpipes - on unsuspecting strangers and loved ones alike.

What’s interesting is how this app works. You blow on the phone’s mouthpiece as if it were a set of pipes, and the app matches sound volume to the pressure of your breath - requiring almost as much artfulness to play as the real thing. (You can also select ‘autoblow’ to save your breath and get a more steady sound.)

Timing and accuracy scores help you to improve your playing, and you can compare scores with others on Game Centre.

Buttons on the screen light up to help you learn classic Highland songs such as Amazing Grace and Auld Lang Syne, and the boys at Elucidcode (the app’s creators) have hinted that more modern songs will soon be available as updates - Star Wars theme by bagpipe, anyone?

Air Pipes is available now for NZ$1.29 (US$0.99) on the App Store.

Elise Sterback hails from co-working and innovation space The BizDojo.

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