UPDATED: ReadWriteWeb sold to online giant SAY Media

UPDATED: ReadWriteWeb sold to online giant SAY Media
The Kiwi founder of tech blog ReadWriteWeb says its buyout by SAY Media will take the website to the next level.

The Kiwi founder of tech blog ReadWriteWeb says its buyout by Say Media will take the website to the next level.

New Zealander Richard MacManus started ReadWriteWeb in 2003 and grew his blog about the changing internet into an international team of journalists.

ReadWriteWeb has now been acquired by San Francisco-based Say Media, which has offices across North America, the UK and Australia and boasts reach of more than 500 million people through its network of blogs and websites.

According to MacManus, Say Media was chosen after two to three months of searching for financial backing.

ReadWriteWeb was approached by a number of potential backers during this time, but Say was ultimately chosen as it would allow MacManus and his journalists to retain control of the blog and its content.

MacManus will continue to lead ReadWriteWeb, remaining in New Zealand, and SplatF's Dan Frommer is joining the team as an editor-at-large.

Having the backing of Say Media will create a better blog, MacManus says; the increase in resources will mean journalists can widen their scope about what they write about. The blog will widen its scope to include general trends and technical innovations, adding to its current coverage of web developments.

MacManus says there's a key point of difference between ReadWriteWeb and other technology blogs.

“Among tech blogs, we’re more thoughtful and analytic – we explain the impact of technology on readers' lives.”

And he believes New Zealand is starting to build a reputation for forward thinking, startups and innovation – something ReadWriteWeb champions and is a prime example of.

In a statement, SAY Media chief executive Matt Sanchez said ReadWriteWeb had established itself as a "leading news and analysis source for the tech community, reaching high-level business influencers and decision makers".

"Its editorial team is frequently sourced and considered to be one of the best in the business," he said.

"As we looked to acquire a property that would further strengthen our technology channel, ReadWriteWeb naturally rose to the top of the list. Richard and his team are extremely passionate about the content they create and have worked very hard to develop a deeply engaged and informed community of tech enthusiasts."

ReadWriteWeb is the third blog to be acquired by Say Media. The first two were Dogster in April and Remodelista in August.

Current sites in Say Media's Tech channel include: Android and Me, Gear Patrol, gdgt, SplatF, TechDirt and more.

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