Innovators Awards: Most innovative product by popular vote, Serato Scratch Live

Innovators Awards: Most innovative product by popular vote, Serato Scratch Live


Who: Serato Audio Research
What: Scratch Live, a software that brought DJing culture into the digital age whist retaining the vinyl sound of old.
Why you should care: If you’re a DJ, Scratch Live offers a lightweight solution to dragging your record collection around with you. For the regular dancer, it means you can get down to digitised music that still retains the authentic vinyl warmth of old.
Judges say: A great concept and very nice product, which is achieving well deserved success around the world. Congratulations.

As much as vinyl records offer a warm nostalgic touch, if you’re a DJ, lugging them around is far from convenient.

Enter Serato Audio Research’s Scratch Live.

Released in 2004, the vinyl emulation software allows DJs to mix and scratch files from their computer using regular turntables or CDJs.

Although a competitive product was launched months prior, what makes Scratch Live different is that audio is played from the computer as if it was pressed on vinyl, a feature no other digital platform could provide.

Scratch Live was quickly adopted by some of the top artists in the world and the software has been installed in clubs and radio stations worldwide.

Serato Audio Research designed the entire platform, which consisted of the Scratch Live software, two Serato records, and a hardware interface.

The software has been licensed to US-based DJ hardware company Rane Corporation, which manufactures, distributes, and supports the hardware.

Having done all the hard work, Serato can now sit back and collect a royalty from each product sold.

Not that it's sitting on its laurels, mind you. The company continues to innovate and in 2008 released similar software for use with video files, called Video-SL.

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