Remembering Steve Jobs

Jonathan Mak's Steve Jobs tributeAmidst the iCry, iSad and other trite tributes to Apple legend Steve Jobs, a stunningly simple pictorial homage emerged from a 19-year-old in Hong Kong.

Designer Jonathan Mak Long's minimalist design features a white Apple logo with Jobs' profile in black forming a bite out of the fruit.

Meanwhile, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak today spoke out about Jobs' vision and driving philosophy.

Jobs was never afraid to do things differently – or to respond to his critics.

In the words of The Onion, the "last American who knew what the f*** he was doing" died yesterday.

Twitter exploded in the wake of Jobs' passing becoming public news; apparently spurring 10,000 tweets a second. Here, Fast Company crowdsources a tribute in tweets.

The Guardian asked readers what their first Apple product was and compiled a snazzy  multimedia wall with the responses.

While Jobs was famously reclusive, Time photographer Diana Walker offers arare glimpse into his life.

He was a patent powerhouse, as this interactive New York Times' timeline shows.

Here, Wired collates highlights from Jobs' speeches over the years and a gallery of his greatest achievements.

And Mashable lists the 10 most-quoted tweets about Steve Jobs. But we like these better: