Fast, Fresh & Tasty wants to spice up your kitchen

Injecting a bit of spice into the average Kiwi’s limited cooking repertoire is the aim of Fast, Fresh & Tasty, a new iPhone app launched today.

Fast Fresh & TastyCreators Emily Loughnan and Karin Grice reckon it’s a “travesty” that most New Zealanders rely on a fallback menu of just five to seven dishes.

Their app walks users through the entire process, from meal planning and shopping to matching wines.  After selecting either a main base ingredient or a type of dish, you’re taken to a carousel of photos to browse, where you can see recipes favourited by other people as well as the really important details, like how long they take to make.

Recipes include suggestions for complementary side dishes and tipples, and, for ingredients of sponsor brands, more details on the product such as seasonality.

“People really love the information about what it is that they’re cooking.

Then you can add those ingredients into your shopping list and send that to someone else,” Loughnan said.

She said the app’s production had been subsidised by a number of “food partners”, including brands such as Silver Fern Farms, Rangitikei Chicken, the Seafood Industry Council and Alfa One Rice Bran Oil.

Some smaller companies were initially skeptical that anyone would look up a recipe on their phone, while many of the bigger ones were keen to develop their own applications.

But according to Loughnan, the Fast, Fresh & Tasty proposition is much stronger from a consumer point of view than a single brand app pushing 100 recipes based on a specific product. And more recipes and partners will be brought on board going forward.

Loughnan and Grice say they developed the app because they too faced the daily dilemma of what to cook for dinner.

“It’s not about fancy dinner parties; it’s about making something delicious when you get home from work.

“No more do you have to put up with apps that tell you to pick up 8oz of kippers on the way home.”

According to Loughnan, the idea is to tempt people with new dishes, ”trying and tasting new things … to really push what’s available locally and get people using more of our great New Zealand ingredients”.

The app is launching with a “big push” on the current spring crop.

“We’ve brought together some of our favourite food, gorgeous recipes, and each season there’s a free update with recipes featuring what’s in season right now.

“Just when you’re tired of asparagus we’ll give you new barbecue ideas and recipes calling for sun-ripened tomatoes & basil.”

She said there were plenty of opportunities to take the model into Australia, South Africa, and other countries around the world.

“We’re saying here’s what available locally, here’s what to do with it, here’s what to match it with.”

Loughnan believes Fast, Fresh & Tasty is the first New Zealand-oriented and developed recipe app.

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