Blurring the lines between branding, film and consumers

Blurring the lines between branding, film and consumers

The latest social experiment film stars a Hollywood actress, Toshiba, Intel—and maybe even you.

Inside is an online film collaboration between Toshiba and Intel, along with director DJ Caruso who directed Disturbia.

Dubbed "a social film", with slight echoes of local interactive drama Reservoir Hill, the branding project uses the online film to tell the story of Christine (played by Emmy Rossum), trapped in a room with only a Toshiba laptop (Intel inside, of course). While the trailer depicts all the makings of a cheap thriller, it's Christine’s connection with her Facebook and Twitter pals, aided by an untraceable internet connection, who will help her on quest to free herself.

That’s where the audience comes in: the project is calling for members of the public to submit audition videos to be selected to play Christine’s online friends. The winning entries will be screened on Christine’s Toshiba, fusing online gaming, social media and Hollywood in a campaign aimed squarely at the young tech-savvy audience that doesn’t typically go for PCs.

A four- or five-minute episode will be released every few days, with tweets, Facebook posts and vlogs in between to keep the audience trying to solve the film’s mystery—where is this room, and why is Christina there? This will conveniently give the production team time to prepare user videos for display inside the film.

The story will wrap up in an early August episode, uncovering the mystery which can be solved by devoted watchers.

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