This one time at Barcamp...

This one time at Barcamp...

Democracy rules at Barcamp Auckland, the "unconference" for tech-oriented designers, developers and creatives where attendees are also the organisers, speakers and presenters. Now in its fifth year, Barcamp was born when Ludwig Wendzich decided that if he couldn't be part of the rapidly developing tech scene spreading outwards from Silicon Valley, then he'd do his best to recreate it here. 

He says New Zealand is at a crucial point in terms of determining what the future of our internet will look like. That's why Barcamp 2011 will also play host to a panel focusing on the copyright infringement bill and ultra-fast broadband. Speakers include:

  • Clare Curran (Labour MP)
  • Gareth Hughes (Green MP)
  • Paul Brislen (TUANZ CEO)
  • Tim Mullins (IP Lawyer)
  • David Farrar (IT Political Commentator)
  • Vikram Kumar (InternetNZ)
  • Lance Wiggs (Moderator from InternetNZ)

Also on the schedule for July 16 are sessions on HTML5, UI, operating systems and one we could all do with a little bit more of: "Productivity/Getting Things Done". More info at

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