Here's the wellbeing policies some of New Zealand's top companies are rolling out for 2019

Wellbeing Month

Here's the wellbeing policies some of New Zealand's top companies are rolling out for 2019

In 2019, companies are more focused than ever on the health and happiness of their staff, as wellbeing becomes increasingly seen as a key indicator of success along economic value by governments – including our very own – and organisations across the world. This is because while the corporate world has long seen the bottom line as the be all and end all, companies are increasingly taking a more holistic view and recognising that looking after the wellbeing of their people will in turn make their bottom line healthier, too. We reached out to the people in charge of wellbeing policies at some of New Zealand's top companies and asked what they're focused on for this year and why. Here's what FCB, Isthmus, RUSH, Southern Cross, Xero and Trade Me responded.

Taking flight

It’s a strong point of contention when a successful Kiwi company gets bought out by an overseas investor, many question its loyalty to our local economy, however a new report conducted by Callaghan Innovation has tracked the exits of companies over fifteen years ago and worked out where that money has gone. It shows that fifteen years after one of New Zealand’s largest tech companies was sold to a US buyer for around $100 million, Kiwi entrepreneurs have created at least nine businesses worth more $1 billion each. It suggests rather that global success breeds local growth. We chat to the CEO of Callaghan Innovation, Victoria Crone, about the findings from the latest Callaghan Innovation report.

A day in the life, brought to you by Hummingbird

Craig Hudson is the managing director for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands of Xero, which makes beautiful accounting software. He shares how he gets through the day, how he organises his time and how he handles the madness of business.

Best of 2018

We’d like to think (completely unbiasedly) that Idealog unleashed some top-notch stories on the world this year. But don’t just take our word for it – take our readers’ word for it. To recap on the year that was, according to you, feast your eyes on the top ten most well-read stories on Idealog over the course of 2018.

Design for a better world

If you’re around Auckland's Wynyard Quarter, you might notice a bit of an art project going on next to Te Wero Bridge. Xero's Craig Hudson shares what it's all about - and how every company can be sustainable.

Live or die by the digital sword

Whether you’re a suburban travel agent, a plumber or a hairdresser, customers now expect the same convenient and instant service they enjoy and expect from world-famous online stores and more local household brands, says Xero's Nigel Piper.

Building smarter

Xero is on the move. Or, at least its Auckland offices are. But the company won’t be leaving the City of Sails – in fact, it’ll be moving into a new building that’s not only bigger, but might just be one of the most innovative offices in Aotearoa. Oh, and it’ll also host its own co-working space.

Digital heritage

A heritage-listed building in downtown Wellington has been reconstructed for the digital age – fitting when you consider that the company that has just made it its new HQ is none other than Xero.