University Of Auckland

On the tools

As existing products, companies and, in some cases, entire industries are disrupted, the world of business can seem fairly chaotic. But there are ways to prosper. Peter Lee, consulting professor, commercialisation and entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland and chief technologist at the New Zealand Defence Force, explains how businesses old and new can use the tools at our disposal to adapt, innovate and find new opportunities. 

Don't hate the player

Auckland, like many of the world’s big cities, is often pilloried in the provinces. But, while you might not live there, you’d be worse off without it, writes Professor Shaun Hendy. And if New Zealand is to prosper in the knowledge economy, we need to quit the parochialism.


A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study says Auckland University has defied New Zealand's poor record in innovation, entrepreneurship and availability of capital, to build a emerging international centre of excellence