Why design needs to develop brakes in a fast changing world

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Why design needs to develop brakes in a fast changing world

The world of a marketer changes rapidly, and design changes accordingly as a way of keeping up and reflecting new values. However, design elements comprise a major part of a brand’s distinctive assets - and design changes need to protect key distinctive components while moving a brand forward, says TRA's Colleen Ryan.

Through the looking glass

Behavioural economics and other disciplines in the cognitive sciences have given us a framework to understand people’s behaviour and decision-making – and consequently a way of looking at how we can change behaviour, says TRA's Colleen Ryan.

Food for thought

Food is life and a huge part of the prevailing culture in today’s society - and a great lens through which to observe social changes, says TRA's Amber Coulter.

Looks can be revealing

Micro-trends in fashion are constantly changing – one minute we’re being told we should be wearing harem pants, and the next you shouldn’t be seen dead in them. TRA's Claire Tutill and designer Rory Docherty explain how there's far more to it than just what looks good.