Futureproofing our innovation


Futureproofing our innovation

Telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus is keeping our high tech companies connected.When you are the country’s largest telecommunications infrastructure player and are tasked with supplying nearly one million homes and businesses and close to 2500 schools with ultra-fast broadband by 2020, sometimes you have to do things a bit differently.

Between 930 and 1230 jobs will be cut at Telecom in a round of cost cutting measures, the company has announced to the New Zealand Stock Exchange. This may be a "necessary evil" for a top heavy company with more than 2870 staff earning six-figure salaries.

All-you-can-eat broadband packages are common overseas, though local ISPs are slowly ratcheting up their data offerings. But Flip, which launches today as part of the Callplus/Slingshot network, is playing down at the other end of the spectrum, targeting students and casual users with a mere 5GB and home line plan.