Nine questions to ask before you invest in a business


Nine questions to ask before you invest in a business

TradeMe’s Mike O’Donnell recently wrote a piece outlining ‘dumb’ questions to ask smart people before you give them your money. While it's all very well to be lured in by an exciting idea for a business, what are the considerations you should think about before investing? Tech investor and board member at NZRise Rahul Watson-Govindan shares the nine questions he asks businesses before handing over the cash.


Start-up founders or small business owners often become skeptical when they hear words like ‘brand’ and ‘story’ thrown around. Storytech founder James Hurman breaks down why every start-up needs a compelling story – and how it doesn't necessarily have to cost the founder an arm and a leg. Plus: we're giving away a free branding session with Storytech worth $500. Read on to find out more.

Starting up

Hardy Michel is the operations manager at Sharesies, an online investment platform that is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies with over 40,000 customers. He has also previously worked with start-ups firsthand at Booktrack, Snowball Effect and Lightning Lab. Here, he shares four things those wanting to work for a start-up should look for in a company.