Staples Vr

Most Creative People

Aliesha Staples was one of the People's Choice winners for Most Creative in film/TV for Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. Staples got in on the AR/VR bandwagon early and is now creating some pioneering experiences with the technology, including helping develop a fire-resistant 360-degree camera for a VR experience for New Zealand Fire and Emergency. It also filmed New Zealand’s first live stream in 360 VR Video and it’s pushing boundaries in health, letting children experience procedures through VR to prepare them for the real thing. Not only that, her company also operates a successful rental business to give people access to these new technologies. Here, she talks creativity, expansion and the secret to success.

Reality check

As part of Idealog's ongoing celebration of the technology sector, we've picked the brains of some of the movers and shakers in the industry to find out their favourite tech-related things, their biggest fears for the future and what other companies and individuals inspire their work. Here's Staples VR's Aliesha Staples.

Virtual reality realities

Staples VR's Aliesha Staples won the Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To celebrate her win, we're republishing this story about a project her company has been involved with.