A guide to the four favourite business f***-ups I've made


A guide to the four favourite business f***-ups I've made

Wendy Thompson is the founder and CEO of the successful social media marketing agency Socialites, and has 16 years digital marketing experience in some of New Zealand's top advertising agencies. However. that doesn't mean she hasn't made her fair share of mistakes in her career. Here, in her typically colourful way, she shares four mistakes she's learnt from all her years in business – and the important lessons she learnt from them.

Bombing out

Lush UK recently released a bold and cryptic message that slammed social media channels, their algorithms and their pay-for-play strategy, and said it would be going dark on their social media channels and talking with their community in other ways. CEO of Socialites Wendy Thompson shares her thoughts on why this decision by a major brand doesn't put the customer first.

A day in the life, brought to you by Hummingbird

Rochelle Sheldon is a social media strategist at Socialites New Zealand. Here's how she gets through the day, how she organises her time and how she handles the madness of business.

Future ready?

Socialites executive coaching CEO and director of influence Rochelle Sheldon has a good feeling about 2019, but she doesn't just want to just hope that 2019 will be brilliant – she wants to do everything in her power to make sure it is. So, she reached out to some of the most successful people she knows, such as Carmen Vicelich, Cecilia Robinson and Lisa King, to share their goal setting secrets for 2019.


After prime minister Jacinda Arden announced her pregnancy last week, there was an onslaught of opinions – some negative – about how good she'd be at her job while pregnant or as a new Mum. But Socialites founder and CEO Wendy Thompson says there's nothing to be concerned about – women can work and parent, and have been doing so for a while now. However, she says there are ways businesses can make it easier for Mums.


Nestle thought it could get away with changing its iconic Milo recipe, but Kiwi shoppers aren’t having a bar of it. The brand has received a barrage of complaints on social media that aren’t dulling down as it might hope. Instead, its consumers’ collective voice is growing stronger. We talked to managing director of Socialites, Wendy Thompson, about what a business should do in Milo’s situation.