AI demystified

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AI demystified

Callaghan Innovation has launched a new Infographics Series, which it hopes will demystify key technology areas and raise awareness of the opportunities that these technologies are creating.

STEAM power

If we want to become a more competitive economy, focusing on the arts as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics – a STEAM, not STEM, approach – is worth considering, says WeCreate chair Paula Browning. 


ASB Bright Sparks Challenge winner Mikayla Stokes knows a few things about the Internet of Things - but says there's still a stigma attached to girls and technology that's holding young women and businesses back.

Branded Content

Molecular biology

A Plant & Food biologist developing an “electronic nose” from all-powerful insect smell receptors has been given a $20,000 award from KiwiNet and Callaghan Innovation. Nikki Mandow visited him in the lab to talk about his research.


It's a scientific fact that scent can be a powerful emotional trigger. A scent can bring back memories of experiences, places or even people. Air Wick in the U.S played off this idea with a new 3:45 ad by Droga5 NY titled 'Home is in the Air'.


Why New Zealand will be spending over $100 million on trying to find clever, branded foods that will make us healthy – and rich