The Wrap: 4 September


The Wrap: 4 September

In the Wrap this week, Microsoft's deal to buy Nokia's devices division leaves as many questions as answers, there's a smartwatch smackdown a-comin, and is Comic Sans simply indefensible?


My love hate relationship with Samsung's Galaxy Note range now spans over two years of smartphones and tablets. These flagship devices known for the signature S Pen stylus inputs, border gimmicky on one end and business essential on the other. With the Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung has created a device that's definitely more latter than the former – putting a powerful iPad Mini competitor in the hands of consumers.

I only had three days with Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. That's not nearly enough time for me to do a proper review, so instead consider this a preview and commentary on my very fleeting flirtation with a good (but not earth-shaking) phone.

More LTE/4G goodness, Telecom incubates its way to revenue, Google sings a new tune, shape Auckland and Matt Damon saves the world (we assume).


It wasn't as bad as Qualcomm's Born Mobile number at CES, but Samsung really pushed the schmaltz at today's Galaxy S4 reveal event involving role-playing families, awkward clapping and worst of all – child actors.


I remember the exact moment my Samsung Galaxy Camera stopped working. I had just finished taking shots of some hapless pigeons, barely a week after I got the device, when I accidentally bumped the screen against the phone in my pocket. This love tap was enough to break the LCD panel, transforming the $749 camera into a very expensive paperweight. It’s a shame the Galaxy Camera broke when it did because, apart from that disastrous hardware failure, I had a fantastic time with it.