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Chris Hadfield on space, tech, New Zealand and more (listen)

Space oddities

Chris Hadfield on space, tech, New Zealand and more (listen)

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield - in New Zealand for IBM Think - chats with Idealog about what role small nations like New Zealand can play in space exploration and the space industry, how technology is changing space exploration, how private businesses are disrupting things, a technology that has really surprised him, and more.

Party like an alien

New Zealand's space industry is taking flight thanks to the strides made by Rocket Lab, and nothing is a more celebratory reflection of this than the Humanity Star/giant disco ball it has launched into space. To celebrate a New Zealand company starting an intergalactic party, the Idealog team has put their heads together and compiled a space disco playlist that will make even those in zero gravity want to try bop their heads.

Innovation Awards

Rocket Lab has successfully launched three satellites into orbit - a first for a New Zealand company. To celebrate the achievement, we're republishing this story about the company's 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards win that also featured in our Innovation Issue last year.

Wish we'd thought of that

New Zealand is known as a nation of innovation. Do you have something cool you've come up with that you think deserves to be recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards? Then enter it in the Innovation in Design & Engineering category, sponsored by James & Wells.


In fields as diverse as accounting and space travel, companies are placing their R&D; at the heart of their way of working, says Simon Brown, Callaghan Innovation GM of Accelerator Services.