Advertising is famously populated with characters. The cliche is that of the ruthless, dashing fellow, characterised by Don Draper in the TV show Mad Men. There are the Machiavellian, the tortured and insecure, the banal and phantasmagoric; the attention seekers and poseurs. And then there are folk like Roger Dickinson …


If you’re looking for a bit of photographic inspiration, the Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association has just the event for you this weekend - IMAGE NATION

In a Wellington corridor, Nat Torkington laid down a challenge—and sparked a small revolution. Kiwi innovators are using public data to change the ways that politicians, public servants, companies and people communicate.


The ‘nine-day fortnight’ will report for duty at many workplaces this jolly July. On the tenth day, we’ll be rested


It seems Lance Wiggs is always on a journey. Even home in Godzone, he’s not standing still: he has companies to mentor, connections to make and, on his blog, clueless corporates to skewer. So just what is Wiggs looking for?

Damian Conway is a PhD in computer science and, until recently, was honorary professor of computer science at Monash University. He’s a designer, a columnist and an author.

Michael Lopp is a veteran of Apple, Netscape, Borland and Symantec. He explores the class of people who span both Generation X and Y and that he calls “The Geeks”—a group that has spent the last two decades moving amongst the dark technological fringe and is now a mainstream demographic.