Design for a better world

New Zealanders are well known to be lovers of design, so it’s no surprise that the country’s second Festival of Architecture has pulled out all the stops. From laneway design competitions, to speed dating an architect about your budding design idea, to ‘flash’ exhibitions in elevators and lobbies, there is a lot on offer – and most of the events are free. Read on for a breakdown of what to expect.


Weirdly, winner of the Emerging New Zealand Innovator at this year's NZ Innovators Awards, is an online recruitment tool built around the belief that bringing like-minded individuals together, who are engaged and passionate about their work, makes them more productive and loyal to their employer.


“The big four banks in New Zealand are among the most profitable in the world. Why?” asks Monica Mathis, Harmoney’s general manager. Because, she says, while they are lending money to people (to buy a car or take a holiday, for example) at an average 15%-17%, customers with fixed term deposits are getting 2%-4%. “The rest goes into bank operating expenses and profits.”


A publishing platform where children can read and publish optimistic news stories; a baby calming device designed by three kiwi dads; a zero-radiation breast cancer screening method; a digital estate planning service; a buy-one-give-one lunch service; incontinency underwear; 'gamified' depression therapy...