He's the tallest person we interviewed at Semi-Permanent and he also had the best shoes. Nicolas Roope, of Antirom and Poke fame, shares his social media wisdom and tells us why interesting ideas are no longer good enough.


Entries are now open for AWARD (The Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association) awards, and this year, the awards have expanded to include a raft of new categories including music video, applications, social media, environmental design, and branded content

Multi Media Arts

With exactly one week to go until Semi-Permanent 2010 commences, we’re taking a look at The Light Surgeons, a collective of pioneering multimedia artists, founded in 1995 by creative director Christopher Thomas Allen. The collective functions as a media arts production company that seeks to create new cross-disciplinary audiovisual work that breaks new ground through its installation, live performance and digital film productions.