Wish we'd thought of that: Mobile marvels


Wish we'd thought of that: Mobile marvels

The 2016 round of the New Zealand Innovation Awards is open for entries so if you’ve got an amazing product, service or venture – or you know someone with a great idea who needs to be shoulder-tapped – now’s the time to tell your story. But you better do it quick – entries close on Friday, August 5. And to get you thinking about entering – and to do as we always do and celebrate innovation of all stripes – we’re showcasing the best ideas we come across. And this week we’re looking at some awesome innovations that could fit into the media, mobile and entertainment category.


New Zealand’s first mobile wallet app has pulled the plug on contactless payments. Consumer NZ reported in November last year that contactless payments made up 15 percent of point-of-sale transactions and 10 percent of point-of-sale spend, so, we asked, what’s gone wrong?


There’s a movement going on. More and more people are starting to look after themselves better. And it’s not just about going no-sugar or eating less gluten; it’s going right through to where and how people are working. They’re seeking freedom, they’re seeking flexibility and they’re loving the idea of being their own boss.