The bots are coming

Putting AI and ethics in the same sentence can make anyone who’s watched an episode of Westworld or Black Mirror squeamish, as is the friction that comes with humans and futuristic tech. But as someone who’s at the forefront of international AI developments, Microsoft’s global AI leader David Heiner says there are many initiatives underway to ensure ethical disasters don’t play out. And he says the social good AI can do for humanity should get more airtime, too.

Microsoft Build 2017

As part of my experience of getting fully immersed in nerd culture, I, along with other media, (aka people at a similar level of incompetence with advanced technology) was invited for a session at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Academy in Seattle, Washington. This is what went down.


So Apple has done it's latest big reveal and treated us to our first look at...not much really. Shocking, right? So we thought it was a good time to revisit this 2015 poison pen piece from Idealog's technology-miserablist, Jonathan Cotton, about why he can't help but take these whiz-bang technology showcases with anything but a grain of salt.


The best and brightest businesses on social media were crowned at New Zealand's second annual Social Media Awards last night. More than 400 people poured into Auckland’s Sweatshop Brew Kitchen to see the likes of Spark, Burger Burger and Bell Tea take home some appropriately-designed hashtag awards.