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Toi Aria – design for public good

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Toi Aria – design for public good

Let’s be real for a moment about design. Most people think it’s simply the fine art of making things look pretty and/or functional. It can’t really help make the world a better place beyond looking a bit nicer, right? That’s where you’d be wrong.


A harvester that converts vibrations from city traffic into electricity and handles that turn sticks into sophisticated tramping poles are among those that made the cut in the New Zealand leg of the annual James Dyson Award global product design innovation contest.


Massey University’s School of Psychology is launching consultation services to help SMEs and NGOs deal with issues like company expansion, occupational health and conflict amongst staff members.

Instead of filling out HR forms that get lost on their way to the right desk or complaining to your co-workers until they can’t stand listening to you anymore, you can talk about your workplace frustrations by taking part in The Great New Zealand Employment Survey, which closes next Monday, 12 August.