Be prepared

The recent NotPetya ransomware attack has caused havoc around the globe - and is the second major ransomware attack this year. Peter Bailey, general manager at Aura Information Security, chats with Idealog digital editor Ben Mack about what it means, what New Zealand businesses can do to protect themselves, and if this is the new norm.

The internet has made many aspects of everyday life easy, efficient and cheap; and it has certainly provided excitement for thousands of Silicon Valley geeks. However, according to British advertising expert Tom Goodwin, the tech revolution is also creating a potentially unsustainable economic model, where consumers are expecting to get most of their web-based products for free

Pacific Fibre looks like the perfect plan: local heroes thinking big, and hiring a crack team to bring New Zealand into the world of ubiquitous internet. But do highgrowth CEOs really know anything about infrastructure? Matt Cooney asks if the dream team knows what it’s getting into