Intellectual Property

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The variety of products and technologies that can be derived from trees is mindboggling. New Zealand Crown Research Institute Scion is investigating exciting ways to obtain maximum value from this sustainable resource, thanks to help from AJ Park.

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Intellectual property

Fed up with clunky proofing and approvals processes, two Kiwi software experts worked out a way to do it better.

Intellectual property

As a country, we’re proud of our inventors and our innovation. So why are we so hesitant to protect that value once we’ve created it? What are we doing wrong? How can we do better? And most importantly, how do prevent the whole Pavlova fiasco from happening again?

Intellectual property

What will someone pay for your great idea? The one no one else has thought of, keeps you awake at night, and gives you thoughts of quitting the day job and mortgaging the house to develop? The idea you may already have spent much time and expense developing and legally protecting.