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While the news has been filled with reactions to the flag, our newly designed bank notes seem to have taken a back seat. They aren’t cheap either, at a 'mere' $80 million, and if we are looking at shedding the shackles of the monarchy in the form of the Union Jack, should the Queen be departing our bank notes too? And what about core design principles. Do our notes stack up to the aesthetics of those from other nations? We talk to designer Brian Slade, creative director for Insight Creative for a commentary on another facet of New Zealand’s branding, our currency.


Business success doesn’t just happen because you want it to. You have to work hard at putting the foundations in place. One of those fundamentals is an internal culture that supports the external brand and market aspiration. Well-designed staff engagement translates to better reputation and business results, writes Steven Giannoulis from Insight Creative.

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After nearly 25 years of managing the marketing and communications needs of big brands and corporates, Steven Giannoulis made the move from client to design agency. The change highlighted the crucial relationship between business and agency.