Green Building

Setting the scene for green building

Setting the scene for green building

Those listening closely at this week’s Green Property Summit in Auckland would have picked up on a growing desire to accelerate the pace of change, complementing New Zealand’s maturing acceptance of what can be achieved by scaling up green building developments.

Urban redevelopment, seismicity (now there's an awkward word), sustainability and productivity will be the key themes of the 2013 Green Property Summit showcasing the latest in green building practices from international and national industry leaders.


The spotlight is firmly on sustainable design this week, thanks to World Green Building Week, spearheaded locally by the New Zealand Green Building Council and 90 Green Building Councils.


One hundred percent fresh air, a machine that parks your car for you, and an office that stays cool without air conditioning – the future is here, and if the Geyser building in Parnell is anything to go by, it’s going to be very green.

Green architecture/design

Telecom employees, currently scattered across five locations in Auckland, are set to unite in a greener space, with its new building—Telecom Place—being awarded a Five Star Green Rating by the Green Building Council, in partnership with building partners, Manson Group. Its greener building features include...