“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten once asked a bemused American audience at the conclusion of the Pistols’ first and last American tour. Who knows what he was referring to but he could well have been talking about the massive US$2.1 trillion in profits US companies currently hold in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes in the US.


As an “experiment in additional ways to fund the web”, Google launched their Contributor project in November of last year. It’s a social experiment to see if users are willing to pay to remove ads, and by golly, we all really dislike internet ads, don’t we?


Standing for input/output and “Innovation in the Open”, the annual Google I/O developer conference explores the latest in technology, web, and mobile. Held at San Francisco, this year’s event sees some major upgrades to Google’s Android platform, new projects from the ATAP team, and some nifty VR.