Working nine to five

To celebrate the anniversary of 40-hour working week, Todd Selwyn from Samsung Electronics New Zealand casts an eye over what a New Zealand workspace might look like in ten years’ time.

A great merge beckons

In September, PHD worldwide strategy and planning director Mark Holden spoke about impending conflation of tech and humanity. He argues that we are already well along this path but says things will become really interesting over the next two decades. What follows is a short excerpt from Merge, a book co-written by Holden and a number of other contributors across the PHD network.

AI and you

For the techno-optimists, artificial intelligence may well be as close as we get to a super power. But, for the techno-pessimists, the rise of artificial intelligence could be hastening our own demise. So is this burgeoning ‘super power’ a blessing or a curse? Depends who you ask, writes Maya Breen. 

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

Come up with a name. Print some business cards. Get a website. Three things almost all businesses do when they’re starting out. But Peter Dingle says the rise of AI, the increasing sophistication of chatbots and virtual assistants, and changing expectations around customer service mean building that fancy new website is probably a waste of money.