The recent release of the Emissions Trading Scheme Review Panel’s report, which suggested staggering the entry of sectors like energy and transport, wasn’t a resounding winner, but Nick Smith maintains its latest ETS move is all about “integrity”. Smith has announced the government is considering banning specific types of international Kyoto units generated from the destruction of industrial gases from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.


Here’s a particularly timely event given the ‘slow down on agriculture’ advice given by the review panel’s report on the ETS. Three of New Zealand’s leading climate experts will discuss the significant environmental and economic benefits of embracing sustainable practices in farming as part of a regional speaking series already underway.


Seldom has the ETS garnered as much attention as it did when it first launched in July last year. But when the government last week released the Emissions Trading Scheme review panel’s report, opinions once again abounded from every direction. The panel’s main recommendation of slowing down the entry of some sectors has outraged numerous groups, while others set to benefit from the findings, like Federated Farmers, are not surprisingly feeling a little more positive. Here's the opinion roundup.