Sustainable cities

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock, have just returned from a long, strange trip in the Messier 81 galaxy and/or have somehow freed yourself after being press-ganged into the service of the Dark Fleet, you’re undoubtedly aware electric vehicles are hot topics – including in Aotearoa. But electric rubbish compactors? They’re now on the road in Auckland. So, what comes next?

Idealog + Hyundai

With more vehicles on the road, infrastructure starting to fall into place and the government stepping up to incentivise the big switch, electric vehicles are finally coming of age in New Zealand. In part one of an ongoing series, we explore the reasons for the rise. 

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are starting to creep further into the car market, but they still remain an expensive luxury for most. has compiled this top 10 list of electric vehicles, complete with the pros and cons for each that could make the difference between market success and failure.