Idealog #67, the Design Issue, out now!

Gratuitous self-promotion

Idealog #67, the Design Issue, out now!

The 2018 Design issue of Idealog is out now, and it's definitely a copy you should get your hands on. This issue features a cover carving by Carin Wilson, a profile of George & Willy, log experiments by Isthmus, Daniel Kamp, ICG and Wrestler, Peter Haythornthwaite sharing his hopes and dreams for the future of New Zealand design, a discussion of Māoridom in design, a look at how New Zealand can design a better society, Idealog Urban, all the best from the 2017 Best Awards, and much, much more. In the spirit of gratuitous self-promotion, read on for a full breakdown of what you can expect in the latest issue.

Riding the wave

While surfing is an activity that brings the person experiencing it closer to nature, the materials that surfboards are constructed out of aren't always environmentally friendly. A traditional material used for it, polyurethane foam, can be extremely toxic to the environment, but there are new, eco-friendly alternatives people are starting to turn to, such as cardboard. Mount-Maunganui based surfboard maker and iOS developer Chris Hetem talks us through the design process of crafting one.