David Downs

David Downs and Nanogirl are writing a book

No. 8 Re-Wired, re-wired

David Downs and Nanogirl are writing a book

Innovation guru David Downs is working on a sequel to his field guide to cool Kiwi companies doing cool things, No. 8 Re-Wired. And for this edition, he’s teaming up with Dr. Michelle Dickinson, AKA Nanogirl.

Year in Review 2016, brought to you by Kiwibank

In the latest edition of our series asking some of Aotearoa's best-known businesspeople and visionaries to take a step back and offer their insights on how the past year has gone and how the future might unfold, we chat with co-author of innovation book No. 8 Re-Wired, general manager, services, at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Idealog's resident business agony uncle David Downs.

Dear David

Idealog's resident Agony Uncle David Downs answers your burning innovation-themed questions on finding capital in New Zealand and how to grease up VCs.

International trade

In an ironic twist of fate, Idealog columnist and NZTE executive David Downs flew in and out of the Chilean capital Santiago just hours before the 8.3 magnitude quake hit the country on Thursday. The column he wrote while he was there, little knowing the disaster that was about to unfold, gives cultural, political and business insights into a country about to suddenly and unwillingly find itself in the international news spotlight.