Sustainable cities

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock, have just returned from a long, strange trip in the Messier 81 galaxy and/or have somehow freed yourself after being press-ganged into the service of the Dark Fleet, you’re undoubtedly aware electric vehicles are hot topics – including in Aotearoa. But electric rubbish compactors? They’re now on the road in Auckland. So, what comes next?

Global thinking

Despite the Economist’s vote of confidence for Auckland as the Eighth Most Liveable City in the World for 2017, we who live here know city planners must do better. In this piece originally published on the Ray White Damerell Group website, Vicki Holder discusses how the City of Sails can learn from the success Toronto has had in managing growth while making the city more liveable.


Invercargill is well known for its wide 'Parisian' boulevards, infamous mayor, the world’s Southern-most McDonalds (we think), an abundance of oysters and cheese rolls, as well as the highest incidence of R-rolling in the country. However, the city hasn't ever established a lasting brand identity, and locals decided the time had come to figure out what the town stood for. Designer Tim Christie talks us through the Invercargill brand’s new “stoic” look and feel.

Art for the concrete jungle

For most of us city dwelling folk, Phantom Billstickers’ much-lauded Poetry Project—the poster company’s ongoing mission to have verbal inspiration dotted around unassuming urban settings—has become a familiar and welcome sight. Now, with the Phantom Art Project, the company’s looking to extend the initiative's ethos to showcase the best of local visual talent.


This coming Wednesday (November 9) Aucklanders have the chance to see for themselves the Kiwi businesses, government, community and non-profits that are out blazing the trail towards a sustainable future. It’s all part of the Sustainable Business Network’s Sustainable City Showcase 2011, showcasing everything from electric vehicles to eco-tourism, ethical fashion to natural burials.