If you can't (or won't) grow a mo this month, then there's always the option of wearing one around your neck. Otago Polytechnic design student Daniel Goodman has come up with these Movember necklaces, which the 20-year-old says are a stylish and easy alternative for people to support prostate cancer without attempting to cultivate a mo of their own.

TEAR Fund is calling for Auckland businesses to step up and do their bit to raise funds for at-risk Auckland youth and children in Nepal, India and Ethiopia.

Our favourite crowdfunding campaign this week has got to be Who Gives A Crap, the brainchild of some Aussies out to bring a new brand of toilet paper to the market that uses 50 percent of its profits to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

It's easy enough to hit 'like' on a post or tweet out a link to a story – but clicktivism, or slacktivism, as some have dubbed it, is a far cry from a cold hard cash donation or a more tangible social action.


No one quite does Christmas light overexuberance like the Americans. But in this lighting display, at least it’s for a good cause. Using 160 channels of computer controlled lighting and over 6,500 feet of extension cord, see what happens when 50,000 bulbs meet dance music courtesy of Derude’s song ‘sandstorm’.


Fancy having a piece of Hollie Smith permanently in your home? How about a Riki Gooch? Well—you could—as part of the Art for Artists Sake charity auction, in which sixteen Kiwi artists have applied their dab hand at art in support of Youthline. So get your bidding arm warmed up and head along this Sunday.