Callaghan Innovation


Idealog has partnered with Callaghan Innovation to take a look the nature of failure in business – the good, the bad and the unintentionally educational. So we’re asking questions: Is there a stigma, in this country, around ‘failure’? Is it a good thing to ‘fail fast’? Would you be wary investing in start-up run by an entrepreneur with a string of failed businesses?


Today’s launch of the C-Prize, a $50,000 innovation challenge run by Callaghan Innovation, has garnered the praise of A-list filmmaker James Cameron, who says the competition is a real opportunity to improve drone technology for the international screen industry.

Two Callaghan Innovation research teams will join Victoria University early next year as new specialist institutes are established there. In a statement, science and innovation minister Steven Joyce said the move would free up Callaghan Innovation to focus on more near-to-market research for New Zealand businesses.