Idealog + Dot Loves Data

Elections are fascinating beasts. Polls here, polls there. And, then there is the unloved but crucial margin of error. Dot Loves Data’s Dr Paul Bracewell explains why it is so important – and why those who get to grips with uncertainty have a better chance of understanding what is likely to happen in their lives and businesses.

Idealog + Chorus

Mention augmented reality to most people and they'll think of Pokémon GO. While the technology is often associated with gaming, its serious side is every bit as exciting.

Big plans

In one of the biggest capital raises for a social enterprise in New Zealand ever, Conscious Consumers has attracted $2 million of investment for their upcoming launch into the United Kingdom. but what might it mean for the health of the industry?

Sage advice

Xero's longtime CTO Craig Walker knows things, wants things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things. In this fifth and final installment, here are five things that worry him about technology.