Wellington-based craft beer brewery Garage Project has grown from humble beginnings since Pete Gillespie, brother Ian Gillespie, and Jos Ruffel started out in 2011 using a 500 litre "glorified home brew kit". They've moved on to a 2000 litre tank, and a large part of their success is not just the quality of beer, but also the unique branding approach in hiring different artists to design the labels for individual beers.


Every shop’s goal is to be memorable to their customers, and there’s arguably no better way to be unforgettable than a pun. A new contest in Britain is honouring the business with the best pun in their name. With contenders like ‘Frying Nemo’ fish and chips and ‘Samuel L Jackson’ driving school, competition is fierce. Here are a few examples of the clever British companies, with some Kiwi examples thrown in for good measure.