If you cast your mind back to the beginning of the month, we announced that Idealog, in partnership with AUT, was offering two lucky entrepreneurs the chance to win an exclusive scholarship to the AUT Co.Starters programme. Well, the submissions have been made, the proposals have been reviewed, the beards have all been stroked, and the ideas have been put through our extremely sophisticated idea algorithm. And we can now reveal the winners.


It’s easy to be jaded when it comes to branding. After all, what’s so noble about hawking consumer items at punters? Usually not much.


From a young age Adriana Christie, co-owner of Pallet Kingdom, knew she wanted to get into social enterprise. At the age of 13, having grown up surrounded by poverty, she had the very mature realisation that if you don’t have a business and you don’t generate revenue then you can’t help people. Now, with Pallet Kingdom, Christie is turning that idea into a reality.

Social entrepreneurship

It was the clashing of two worlds that gave 19-year-old Bonnie Howland her business idea. On the one side there was her part-time job in a hair salon in Auckland’s trendy Newmarket suburb, while she studied for an event management degree at Auckland’s AUT University.