When art comes alive: How Vaka Interactiv is making portraits you can interact with

Talking pictures

When art comes alive: How Vaka Interactiv is making portraits you can interact with

If you’re familiar with J.K. Rowling’s world of Hogwarts, you will recall how portraits in the wizarding world can talk and move around from frame to frame. But what if there was no need for magic to make this happen? The folks at Vaka Interactiv are doing just that by using technology to tell the story of different walks of life in museums and galleries, allowing people to interact with portraits and understand and engage with cultural stories better than ever before. We have a chat with Vaka Interactiv CEO Jesse Armstrong about the real-life wizardry.

Most Creative People

Andrew J. Steel was the People's Choice winner for Most Creative in Art/Photography in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. Steel’s quirky illustrations can be seen in offices, on walls, on doors, on cars, on bodies, on airplane windows and many other places. He’s prolific and brilliant and, whether it’s to create magic for big brands like Air New Zealand, or for shops like I Love Ugly, he’s in hot demand (check out his recent personal project, Bodylandscape). Here, he discusses what inspiration looks like, why exercise is so important and New Zealand's innovative culture.

Art for the concrete jungle

For most of us city dwelling folk, Phantom Billstickers’ much-lauded Poetry Project—the poster company’s ongoing mission to have verbal inspiration dotted around unassuming urban settings—has become a familiar and welcome sight. Now, with the Phantom Art Project, the company’s looking to extend the initiative's ethos to showcase the best of local visual talent.