“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten once asked a bemused American audience at the conclusion of the Pistols’ first and last American tour. Who knows what he was referring to but he could well have been talking about the massive US$2.1 trillion in profits US companies currently hold in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes in the US.


Forget cut-throat competition, the hot topic these days is collaboration. Whether it’s companies in shared working spaces exchanging ideas around the water cooler, entrepreneurs picking other people’s brains via crowdsourcing, Xero start-ups teaming up to get customers, or big bosses of primary producers strategising at Stanford University, working together is de rigueur.* (*But why just write about it? Idealog decided to try a bit of collaborating ourselves, so we asked for help to illustrate this feature. Most of the photos on these pages – and on the cover – were sourced from our readers, friends, followers, and the people we've written about recently. The rest were us. We're all in this together.)