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Zuckerburg attempts to make Facebook a safer place – but is it enough? Here's what the experts think

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Zuckerburg attempts to make Facebook a safer place – but is it enough? Here's what the experts think

After widespread condemnation for Facebook’s role in the Christchurch terror attacks – along with Mark Zuckerberg’s placid response – the social media giant has finally responded to public scrutiny. It has banned users from its live streaming services if they “violate our most serious policies”, plus it has put 7.5 million into research to improve video analysis technology. To make sense of the new changes, we ask local social media experts and technologists whether the world’s most powerful company could have done more to prevent social media hate crimes, featuring The Warehouse Group's Cassie Roma, Springload's Bron Thomson, Spacetime's Alex Bartley Catt and ocial and digital media communication strategist Troy Rawhiti-Connell.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will morph into our homes, phones, cities and relationships – but most of us still don’t know what it actually means. Does the umbrella term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ change when replaced by a slightly mustier label – ‘computer software’? In a bid to educate the public, we reached out to some industry leaders to ask how they define Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

According to the recent Artificial Intelligence forum, New Zealand is ill prepared to harness the opportunities - or deal with the risks attached to Artificial Intelligence. Further, Rod Oram highlights that New Zealand joins a cluster of laggard countries ranked poorly on “government AI readiness”. But while governance is typically slow to keep up with business, both the industry - and the technology that underpins it - is moving rapidly. And one business travelling with it is Spacetime: a company that applies artificial intelligence based solutions for both businesses and government. We sit down with its founder, Alex Bartley Catt, who shares the opportunities and risks attached to the nascent industry.